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Emergency Eye Care in Waterdown

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Being Prepared

Eye emergencies can happen without notice, and being there for our patients is of the utmost importance at Flamborough Family Eyecare.

Along with our other services, such as comprehensive eye exams, dry eye therapy, and myopia management, we provide emergency eye care for all our patients.

Our dedicated team is always willing to assist you with eye emergencies you may be experiencing, including eye infections, eye injuries, and other urgent vision issues. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re experiencing an eye care emergency.

emergency eye care

What Is an Eye Emergency?

Eye emergencies can range from surface injuries to infections, and in either case, dealing with them can be stressful. At Flamborough Family Eyecare, we accommodate eye emergencies such as: 

  • Eye infections
  • Foreign materials stuck in your eyes
  • Eye trauma
  • Scratched eyes
  • Dislodged contact lenses

We recognize that anything that affects your vision can be scary. Our team is equipped with the necessary tools and experience to treat most eye emergencies. Contact us to seek out expert treatment if you’re experiencing an eye care emergency.

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Exploring Eye Emergencies

Eye emergencies do not fall under a set category and can come in the form of various eye issues. Understanding some eye emergencies and how you should handle them in the moment before you visit us can help prevent further damage to your eyes.

What Not to Do

When dealing with an eye emergency, it’s essential not to rub or apply pressure to your eyes. If any foreign objects are stuck in your eye, do not remove them without professional help. Chemical injuries, however, require a different approach, as you should rinse your eyes out with water as soon as possible.

It’s crucial to contact your optometrist for in-office treatment right away when dealing with eye emergencies.

Conjunctivitis (pink eye) is an inflammation or infection of the transparent membrane that lines your eyelid and covers the white part of your eyeball. Conjunctivitis is commonly caused by a bacterial or viral infection or an allergic reaction.

Common symptoms of conjunctivitis include:

  • Redness in one or both eyes
  • Itchiness in one or both eyes
  • A gritty feeling in one or both eyes
  • Tearing

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, along with the feeling of something stuck in your eye and light sensitivity, please contact us at Flamborough Family Eyecare for treatment.

Small foreign objects, such as sand or eyelashes, can get into your eye and cause irritation. In some cases, no matter how small the item, it can cause eye damage or loss of vision.

If you have something small stuck in your eyes, carefully try the following steps:

  • Try blinking rather than rubbing your eyes
  • Wash your hands and look into your eye to locate the object
  • Use artificial tear eye drops to rinse out your eye
  • If you cannot find the object, contact your eye doctor

Chemical eye injuries can happen at any moment. Even when you’re doing something as simple as cleaning around the house, chemicals from cleaning products, garden chemicals, and industrial chemicals can accidentally get in your eyes.

If chemicals get in your eyes, the following steps can help:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water to remove any residue
  • Turn your head, so the injured eye is down and to the side
  • Hold your eyelid open and flush with clean, cool tap water for 15 minutes
  • Call your doctor to get in for an examination right away

It’s essential to get early treatment for chemical eye injuries to ensure the best results and prevent further potentially severe damage.

Being Cautious with Your Eyes

When dealing with eye emergencies, caution and quick action is essential. If you experience an eye emergency, please don’t hesitate to contact us to get treatment and advice as soon as possible. 

Request an appointment with us to learn more about emergency eye care and what you can do to be prepared.

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